Contraband Police Crack PC Game Torrent Latest 2022 Free Download

Contraband Police Crack PC Game Latest Version Download

Contraband Police Crack, designed for PC, is a video game produced by Crazy Rocks. Crazy Rocks is famous for working on the activity game titled Street warriors online. Contraband Police is a simulator video game in which gamers take the role of a cop assigned to provide service throughout the border. In this match, they need to regulate and control the drivers. Who cross boundaries to ensure no one indulges in any unfair practices. Like smuggling illegal things such as firearms and drugs.

PlayWay promoted the match. Contraband Police was released worldwide on 16th January 2021. They have loved its combat scenes, intense gameplay, and vivid graphics. If you are willing to know more about this simulation game video game. Then continue reading below.

Game developer Crazy Rocks has teamed up with hit publisher PlayWay S.A. for the first sample of this “border article commander simulator.” Together with Contraband Police Game Key: Prologue, you perform as a newly assigned boundary police inspector in the communist state of Acaristan from the early 1980s. The five-day training allows you to become accustomed to the ropes after a certain commissioner Andreyev’s orders to understand the mechanics better.

Contraband Police plaza the sport does not have a specific narrative. It is a simulation game sport in which players have to take the role of a responsible police officer. Working around the borders to prevent motorists from indulging in smuggling and other illegal practices. The task of cops would be to capture drivers who indulge in these practices. Furthermore, they strive to locate hidden compartments in vehicles that may store illegally traded things.

Contraband Police Free Download PC:

Contraband Police For PC will take us someplace around the Mongolian border. Where hundreds of various objects are transported every day. Our task is to thoroughly check the driving permit of the driver along with the list of transported goods. Then find out any inaccuracies between the files and the actual state. Dripping oil, bald tires, broken lights, and much more. The more deficiencies we notice. The greater the amount will be on the issued mandate.

Contraband Police Free Key presents a decent amount of graphic layout. The game focuses on realism. Thus we don’t experience dramatic special effects in it. However, the vehicles have been well mapped, and the activity takes place in the climatic inland terrain; thanks to that, it is a joy to check out the screen. Contraband Police Free is a simulator of boundary guard inspectors struggling with smugglers.

The game is intriguing because players are to look into every second matter of the drivers and the vehicles. Start looking for drugs, illegal weapons, or alcohol, and when found, fine drivers and stop them from crossing the land. In this game, you’re either the dictator or the mercy man. Play the game in your way.

Contraband Police Crack PC Game Latest Version Download

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Contraband Police License Key:

Contraband Police Steam the cops should assess all vehicles that wish to cross the border. Starting from passports to Assessing all engine components. Players are to look for illegal things and prohibit them from crossing the boundary. You will begin by marking the controller and its documents as a true control. Players must identify the inconsistencies between the driver’s passport documents and the vehicle registration. The legal owner of the vehicle? Is the safety of the car to drive? After completing the bored and boring activity, the final inspection of the car will pass.

Everything can happen; therefore, also it is important to ensure no stone is left at the end of its inspection. In communist Russia, the collection of contraband is considered a service for your country, secret compartments under the top of the lower face of the vehicle, and tires. Your smuggling police tasks will believe the car to dismantle parts of the automobile.

System Requirements:


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Performance: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Audio Card: DirectX Compatible


  • Performance: 12 GB RAM
  • Pictures: NVidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Model 11

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